XCT fork spring vs MAGNUM fork spring

Hi all,

I’m 1630mm and therefore I’m a bit short of legs :)
I can adjust the height of my XCT with the rear hydraulic shock, but I can’t lower the front shock :(
But I thought of one thing:
The front wheel of the XCT is 18 inches and the front wheel of the MAGNUM is 21 inches
So if I calculate correctly, (21-18)/2=1.5 inches or 38.1 mm
If I use a MAGNUM fork spring, I should lower the height of my fork, right?
Has anyone made this change before?
But maybe I’m wrong, the height of the XCT fork is 762 mm at the wheel axle (see photo)
Can someone give me the distance on a Magnum?
Thank you for your feedback


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