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You know, I need a place to vent about the things that piss me off. I think I found that place.

Of course, I can’t create a thread without expressing my distastes so… here goes my list:

1. People who join TheVog, never post, never say anything and just put stuff up for sale.
2. People that drive 35mph on a 45mph 2 lane road then speed up to 50mph when it becomes 4 lane.
3. Bicyclists that don’t stop at stop signs and traffic lights but have the balls to tell you that you can’t park in a bike lane.
4. Groups of 3 or more walking side-by-side in airports in narrow hallways.
5. People that walk through a doorway or revolving doorway then STOP.
6. Speed ​​limit signs that are blocked by trees, bushes or trucks.
7. Motorcycle cops that DON’T wave back.
8. Cage drivers using cellphones, tablets, reading, eating or putting on makeup.
9. Hailstorms and no place to find cover. (ie Nebraska)
10. Items I want that are listed on a website on-sale and out of stock.
11. Green motorcycles that aren’t mine.
12. All of the things I think about or happen daily that piss me off that I can’t seem to remember at this moment.

What do you say?

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