What are you using to clean your bike and keep it looking good?

I’ve used Honda Spray Cleaner & Polish or their generic brand ‘Original’ for many years. I spray it on a section of the bike to soften the bugs etc. They use a micro fiber cloth to wipe it followed by a dry micro fiber cloth that brings out the shine. It works perfectly on the paint, chrome, rubber, wheels and the windshield. The bike looks nearly new all these years and miles later. I’ve given a can to many friends who also wear by it, never at it. It works great on my white bike but the difference it makes on black bikes is amazing. The more you use it the more the bike seems to repel dust etc.

You can spend a lot more money and work a lot harder, but you won’t get a better result or a longer lasting one.

The worlds most beautiful gloss pearl white Victory CCT has only ever been washed with a garden hose once. That was after a 2013 rally in Indiana on farm land. It rained all weekend, a lot.

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