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Good day all. Been awhile since I posted. Just wanted to share some small gadgets that work well. I’ve done many sound, amp etc posts to be helpful.

For those that haven’t seen I’m sorta of a gadget person and have pretty okay sounds. Twin 10in mid bass drivers, 2 6.5s, 2 5.25s, st35s etc. I have a phone mounted flush in the V panel for sounds etc. It charges while I ride. Over time like everyone else I’ve had issues with the aux cable.

I found this particular blue tooth usb audio adapter. Tunai firefly. It has dual sync and when using the app, party mode. Party mode allows two devices to connect, in my case both music phone and regular cell phone. When listening to music when the GPS in the other phone announces it comes out the speakers as well. Just thought I’d share. Plugs into one of the dual USB ports on my powerlet in the glove box. Super tiny. App has ground loop circuit so no hiss. Anyway nice unit works super well. See photo


Wireless charging cell phone holder works on RAM mount with small adapter, cheap, 15w charger. Charges when I ride. On the bottom is a USB C fast charger port that’s always live. Unit has on/off button on back. Adjustable, sturdy, Holds galaxy 21s ultra with ease. See photos



stuck on handle bars next to start button on inside. Bluetooth to phone as a keyboard. Allows thumb control of next skip volume of phone etc. All in one location. Works wonders for cell phone that is flush mounted for access.

USB charger at base or radio for plugging in headsets etc.

Lastly not audio but works dayum well. My lemon shake ups flex straw thru a bottle top to fit any bottle on the long haul.

Hope it helps..









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