Ventum NS1 aero road bike review

It’s a common misconception that aero road bikes are only for the fastest sprinters on race day. They’ve also got a reputation for being harsh and bad climbers. For the most part, all of those beliefs people hold onto are relics of history. If you look at our list of the best aero road bikes You can see the wide range of options and read about those that are great climbers and have plenty of compliance. Many of them are still designed around race day though but there is another good reason to choose an aero road bike.

For those that prioritise long days and long adventures, an aero bike means a little less work. The Ventum NS1 comes from a direct-to-consumer brand that started with a triathlon bike – a small group of passionate people who like to ride bikes and like to do it fast. The marketing touts it as ready for long days and also race days so we spent time assessing these claims in detail.

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Ventum NS1 headtube and front end

The front end of the NS1 is beautifully clean and very comfortable (Image credit: Justin Diamond)
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Ventum NS1 flattened rear of the bike

Just about every tube uses this truncated airfoil design and the creases of the carbon are impressive (Image credit: Justin Diamond)

Design and aesthetics

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