Top Oz Pro’s Lineup at Big HUSKY Tri Fest

Seventeen years strong and not slowing down, The “Big Husky” Triathlon Festival has grown to become one of Australia’s most loved of the ‘Long Course’ events. 2022 marks 17 years of Shimano Husky excitement!

Huskisson is a spectacular spot to race this year’s Ultimate races are the Australian Championship event. The Ultimate is a qualifier for 2022 Multisport World Champs and 2023 Multisport World Champs Ibiza.

Betten Sam
Cunningham Mitchell
Free Nicholas
Fryer Kurt
Lewis Matt
Martin James
McKenna Steven
Noble Caleb
Reed time
Rudgley Adam
Scott Mitch
Talbot Brodie
Van Berkel Tim
Vining Edward
Wooldridge Josh
Wooldridge Jewel

Bramley Kate
Clinch Tracy
Hartnett Chloe
Marangon Lisa
Salthouse Ellie
Thek Grace


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