The Official Show Us Your Ness Signature Series Numbered Plates Thread

As we’ve learned, there’s been at least one situation regarding a duplicate number issue regarding a 2011 Cory Ness Cross Country. This situation was brought to light by pure accident when two VOG Members realized they had the same plate number. In case you haven’t read about this, here’s a link to that thread: /

I’d like to ask all Ness Signature Series Owners (All Ness Models) to take a moment to tell us a bit about your bike as well including a photo of the numbered plate in the post. The information should include:

1) Year
2) Model
3) Color
4) Signature Series Number
5) Photo of numbered plate

Please note, that even if you don’t own a Victory Ness Signature Series bike, if you happen to see one around or at a dealership, please take a moment to snap a photo of it and include it on this thread.

Allow me to add that we don’t have to limit this to only the Ness Signature Series bikes, so if you have another Victory LE (Limited Edition) model, please add it to the list.

Let’s hope the duplicate number issue was purely an isolated incident, but if there’s other duplicates out there, let’s attempt to identify them in a controlled manner.

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