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In an attempt to use my only half worn at 80K KMs Lyndalls Extreme brake pads on the ’06 Kingpin
I discover the pads are different.
Way different……
So I do some research
Email Lyndalls ,
They suggest their KTM pads in Extreme will fit an early Vic Brembo calipers…Bingo!

How much $$$…???
Ouch $180 USD with shipping!!!

Ok look on eBay, can get a later caliper for $78 delivered, my Extremes I already have will fit…
Measure bolt location holes and they’re the same…later caliper will bolt on .
Cool, and I’ll save quite a bit of cash

Caliper arrived today from Dubbo Bike Wreckers…
Did the switcheroo on the calipers..

Errrrr the angle of the lower brake line fitting is different….but I try to make it reach…
Now keep in mind I’ve pulled what little extra brake line up towards the master cylinder when I fitted my Burleigh Bars last year,
What little extra I had was now gone..
Hmmmm , put the ’06 caliper back on and have a good think………..
OPTIONS as I see it.
Admit defeat and ask the wreckers for a refund..
2. Ask if they have a later Vegas brake line, get em to measure it and give me a price..
3. Shell out the ridiculous money for the
KTM pads.
4. See if Hoseflex or a brake place can make me up a longer brake hose.
5. See if the above can fab me up an extension hose similar to the one on the forward control thing.

Now I realise it’s not the end of the world
(that comes later:box1:)
Maybe there’s another option I haven’t thought of…….
Extending the existing line would seem the way to go, or at least get a price on it and then weigh up the options.
A couple of pix to illustrate, second pic was one handed so a bit crooked


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