Stephen A Smith says Tyreek Hill must stay off the weed in response to Chiefs comments

Stephen A Smith, the king of content, is at it again on First Take. His latest on Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill is everything.

Hill had quite the weekend, as the first episode of his podcast discussed his exit from Kansas City, and why he was grateful to no longer be on the Chiefs.

Cheetah, as he’s self-described, has also gone on record seemingly taking shots at Patrick Mahomes by comparing the signal-caller to Tua Tagovailoa. While it’s understandable that Hill would want to hype up Tua, no one is fooled by his comment, which stated that Tagovailoa is more accurate than Mahomes.

Give Stephen A credit, he came with his A game.

Chiefs: Stephen A Smith calls out Tyreek Hill

Stephen A. wants Hill drug tested, which is the appropriate reaction if he is actually serious. But let’s get one thing straight — it’s Hill’s job right now to make Tagovailoa feel secure in his job status. Hill wants to be a good teammate, because if he can get on Tua’s good side, perhaps his numbers will actually rival what he did in Kansas City.

For now, though, this seems like a pretty significant downgrade as compared to his time with the Chiefs. The Dolphins aren’t even favored to win their own division, as the AFC East crown division runs through Buffalo for a reason.

On his podcast, Hill made sure to take some credit for Mahomes’ success, as well.

“He know that without the Cheetah on the field, he know that, ‘Hey, Pat you’re gonna have a long day today,'” Hill said.

At the end of the day, all we can do is wait and see how Mahomes adapts without his top weapon on the outside. The same can be said about Hill, who now enters a far different situation in South Beach, despite what his commentary might suggest.

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