Steph Curry on what role Celtics fans played in him being fired up in Game 4

Steph Curry put up a show in Game 4 of the NBA Finals as he dropped game-high 43 points, leading the Warriors to a series-tying win against the Celtics in Boston.

The Dubs superstar appeared to be playing with extra emotion and energy right from the first quarter. He was asked after the game about that.

“We needed something to settle into the game to start the game better and find some momentum and just change the tone of how physical they were in Game 3 and how we needed to respond in Game 4,” Curry said.

“It wasn’t a perfect first quarter, but we gave ourselves enough life and that fire was me just trying to show that we’re here tonight and we understand what the task at hand is and thankfully we found a way to get it done .”

He was then asked further if the Boston crowd played any role in how fired up he was in Game 4. Curry confirmed that that was indeed the case.

“A lot of it is because of how hostile the environment was, the fans chanting, doing all their shenanigans and all that,” the three-time NBA champion added. “Boston knowing how big of a game it is form them, if they get to to win, they control of the series.

“So, it’s all mixed into. And the experience knowing how fickle momentum is in the finals. We’ve been through it all. So, try to rely on past experience to understand how important that was.”

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