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Insurance and registration is all lumped together here in BC. License fee is $33. Basic insurance coverage must also come from the government while upgrades are available from them or private companies. Due to the potential hassle and finger-pointing I usually stick with government one just to make things easy in the event of a problem.

In BC we can insure for partial year and I usually go for 7 or 8 months. I haven’t been for the renewal yet this year due to it raining 5 days out of 7. My renewal form for basic plus collision and comprehensive on the bike comes to $2232 for the year. Due to never having an accident and my senior discount it drops to $1245 or $106 per month so it’s still a fair bit of change for a partial year of riding.

Due to some reductions the government made to reduce the payouts for soft tissue damage and especially by removing (s leaving (s leaving)y-s-t-e-r- lawyers from some of the cases we’re told premiums will be a bit less this year. My car insurance went down about $20 a month an hopefully within the next month I’ll see if the bike goes down a bit too.

In any case, I always do my damndest to get out on the Vic often and get my money’s worth. Between that and the fuel prices I’ll need to be gone a lot.

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