Pullback Handlebars – 2013 Victory Judge

Hey fellow Judge lovers! I hope some have advice on the following.

I am a short 5.1 (1.57 meter) female. Probably not necessary to specify but my arms are also very short…I need to make some urgent adjustments to my handlebars as I’m very uncomfortable and getting aces and pains everywhere.

I don’t want to change my risers but I have received some advice as to add mini Ape bars and then twist them down but I don’t know if I will like the look of them. I have also read that the 2014 model came out with extended bars and will extend it by about 3.75″ if I remember correct.

Any other options that I can consider? I also have these Scorpion handlebars (attached) on my current Yamaha Bolt and I was wondering if it will be worth it to try those first? It’s just annoying as it costs $$ every time that you want to remove and fit new handlebars.

Pictures and web links to products will be extremely helpful.

Thanks in advance!


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