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Have you researched the artificial vaccine and why it isn’t one? The mandates are the fascist orders of a demented Leader based on nothing to do with science and at least your Governor sees them for what they are.

I too believe if you want a 160 day booster to your immune system, go right ahead. But realize it isn’t going to give you immunity and that will have to occur naturally at this time. The lack of truth started from day one as the one advising is the one that started the Fauci Flu and his covering has killed millions…

Tens of thousands are losing their jobs as we speak because of illegal mandates and it isn’t right and never was. Please research the jabs and understand there are better solutions and the damage that has been done to the confidence of agencies is permanent. Politics was never supposed to be part of these former apolitical government functions.

Glad to see you aren’t a Mandate Supporter, but the whine you hear takes more courage to stand for the right thing as some of those being fired have taken the jab, but refuse to have their privacy invaded… Especially when it is clear that it is for greed and a corrupt Party.

Once one gets the jab they do change and 35 to 40% don’t support and this is about the rights of the Individual as the Jabs don’t work in the long term and natural immunity is a better path…

Strange they can claim 68% support with posting the following which I see it as 54% and again have to question the accuracy or the methods of the survey, but probably close enough for the propaganda machine.

Vaccine requirements for federal government workers
– 94% Independents – 49% Republicans -19%

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