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Just because Polaris has an active Indian dealer network doesn’t mean they’ll get right to you and/or have the parts on the shelf for the touring rider in need. Quite honestly, I doubt most would have much on the shelf at all. IMHO, same with Honda.

The only brand that typically caters to its tour riders is Harley. But then again, that’s not a given. A good friend of mine had a leaking oil cooler on his Ultra last week on a ride. With any luck, he’ll get his bike back by Friday. Two full weeks between towed in and potential pick up. So much for quick and easy turnaround.

I fully accept I’m in the minority, but I still believe I can get almost anything for a roadside pair for my CCT within 48 hours. Then again, I’ve always thought: if needed, I’ll tow it home. It’s as much the journey for me as the destination. Especially if I were retired and not on a vacation timeframe.

The biggest issue for me is the inherent reliability of the Victory CCT. There aren’t dealers a plenty for me either but I’ve only ever needed one for tires.

A ‘long distance’ ride is simply multiple tanks of gas in succession. If I’m not worried about a one or two tank ride from home, why worry about 10 successive tanks?

Ride more, worry less. It’s the bikes that sit unused that have more issues than the ones with high mileage.

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