Official Polaris Closing Down Victory Mega Thread

OK, I’m gonna pick up at this scab one more time…

A few months ago I was characterized as a “sky is falling” naysayer on the topic of availability parts, but in those months the situation has only gotten worse.

I ordered @bobzinger’s list of shift parts (Looking for shifter ratchet) a month ago from VictoryPartsPro, because I’ve popped out of second several times and wanted to have everything I needed to replace next winter, or at least have them on hand, because I don’t trust Polaris to have anything available when I might need it. I’m still waiting. I called VictoryPartsPro (several times; their communication is terrible, by the way) and they informed me that Polaris didn’t ship all the parts I ordered. They tell me that they should be able to get them this week, but I’m not holding my breath.

And then there’s the fuel filter, which the delivery date has been moved back on (for about the fifth time) to the end of July. Please, this isn’t another fuel filter thread, but think about this: Victory is not officially discontinued yet. If I was a complete neophyte I could go to a Victory dealer who still has bikes in stock and buy a brand new 2017 Cross Country Tour to take my dream retirement trip all over the US (including the Alaska Highway), Nova Scotia, etc. and put 30000 miles on it. Then, since I follow my owners manual to the letter, take it back to my dealer for the 30,000 mile service which calls for a new fuel filter and find out that they’re not available for the motorcycle I spent $23,000 on months earlier.

Sorry, but the sky is falling. Polaris doesn’t give fuk one about Victory owners.

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