New soon-to-be Gunner owner | Victory Motorcycles: Motorcycle Forums

Hey everyone! Im picking up a 2015 gunner here on Friday. Im looking to see if you guys have any recommendations on some things.

Given the mileage, is there anything I need to look out for? From what Ive been reading, these bikes seem to be pretty bulletproof. But any preventive maintenance, aside from the normal oil change, I should look into?

Is there any LED headlights that you’d recommend?

Are there any quick connect, or aggressive style windshields? I love the look of the bike, but Ill be going on a few 500+ mile rides and can imagine a windshield would make it slightly comfortable for the long haul. But would also like to be able to take it off for shorter rides if possible.

Thank you all in advanced for any suggestions! Excited to finally be back on 2 wheels again!

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