My 2013 Victory XCT Cory Ness Custom

Welcome to my build thread:biggrin:

My bike is 2013 Victory Cross Country Cory Ness Tour edition, signed as number 134.
Just bought the bike last automn but had aleady made my plans with bike before I got it home.
Will upload some more photos when I get back from work offshore, but the bike has already gone threw a lot of changes.

Engine: Lloydz 116 Big Bore kit
Lloydz 501 cams
Lloydz timing wheel
Heads have been ported&polished with new valves and valve seats
Power Commander V+will be tuned in dyno after mounting
New Barnett clutch plate

The bike is in thosand pieces just now, for a brand new paintjob and new colour.
The color is a Lexus colour, White Metalic with white pearl and will be with black gloss pinstripes/airbrush paintings
Used the stock saddle but got new white stitches in it and and Vic logo stitched in it.

Hope you guys like it so far, will update more photos soon.

Regards Thomas from Norway:cool-99:

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