Motorcycle Sales In Spain Take A 5.5-Percent Hit In April 2022

Motorcycle sales in Europe, particularly in Italy and Spain, were off to a strong start in 2022. However, as the year rolled on—yes, we’re almost halfway done with 2022–sales have taken a significant hit, particularly in Spain. More specifically, the months of March and April have seen a decline of 4.1 and 5.5 percentage points respectively in the Spanish market.

That said, the market is still in a state of growth when looked at from a month-to-date perspective, thanks to the strong numbers brought about in January and February. As things stand, the motorcycle industry in Spain is at a 9.7 percent growth rate as compared to the same January to April period of last year. Nonetheless, let’s take a closer look at some of the numbers in April, and pinpoint just where the decline can be found.

Overall, a drop of 5.5 percentage points was registered for April, with 14,041 motorcycles registered (-3.3 percent), 1,104 mopeds registered (-34.7 percent), and a total of 928 lightweight three and four-wheelers sold, translating to an -11.5 percent growth rate in the sub-segment. Scooters over 50cc, too, saw substantial growth with 7,718 units sold translating to a 9.7-percent growth versus April 2021. Off-road bikes also saw a spike with a 19.2 percent increase thanks to the sale of 696 units. Lastly, road bikes saw a decline of 18.4 percent with just 5,600 units sold in April 2022.

When it comes to popular models, scooters are currently at the top of the list. Popular models in Spain include the Honda PCX and SH commuter scooters. Interestingly, the Rieju NUUK electric scooter has also made it to the top three, as the manufacturer is a favorite among scooter rental companies. When it comes to road bikes, the most popular models continue to fall under the standard and naked category, with the Kawasaki Z900 taking top spot, and the Yamaha MT-07 and Honda CB650R trailing shortly behind. Last but not least, the most popular adventure bike is none other than the BMW R 1250 GS—why am I not surprised?

The end of 2022 is still a ways away, and lots can still happen before the year draws to a close. With new models from nearly all manufacturers expected to drop very soon, chances are the sales landscape of two-wheelers, especially in Europe, will still change.

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