Marcus Mariota gives definitive answer to pineapple on pizza debate

Atlanta Falcons quarterback and native Hawaiian Marcus Mariota has some thoughts on if pineapple belongs on a pizza.

Fade the Atlanta Falcons at your own peril this year, as typically reserved starting quarterback Marcus Mariota is coming in hot when it comes to the pineapple on pizza debate.

The Honolulu native and our second favorite Hawaiian organ donor outside of McLovin is not McLovin the idea of ​​pineapple on pizza. When all of this Dirty Bird teammates were asked about the touchy subject during OTAs at Flowery Branch, Mariota demonstrated greatest passion totally out of character for the player in Oregon Ducks football history. Oh, he was NOT having it at all.

“Pineapple does not belong on pizza,” said Mariota with a right index finger pointed at the camera like he’s Uncle Sam or something. “Alright, it does not. And I don’t like the fact that people call it a Hawaiian pizza. It really isn’t that good.”

There will be at least four teams worse in the NFC than the 2022 Falcons, based strictly on how confident Mariota was in answering this incredibly divisive question.

Dirty Bird Nation is in complete agreement with this notion. We can taste another 7-10 season on our lips like succulent pineapple juice that may or may not be mixed with ham, cheese, tomato sauce and pizza crust.

Atlanta Falcons QB Marcus Mariota stans for Hawaii in pineapple on pizza debate

Though Team No ended up beating Team Yes 21-14, you have to applaud the conviction this rebuilding team had on the hard-hitting matter. Personally, I’m more in the vein of contract year Kaleb McGary and the undisputed leader of the team Grady Jarrett because I like to live a little and don’t have the palate of a child. To each his own, I suppose, but fire out the takes with confidence!

For Falcons fans, just enjoy this season however you can. It will be miraculous if this team ended its longest playoff skid since the 1980s this fall. But who cares! It is about this group building a brand-new culture under the guidance of head coach Arthur Smith and general manager Terry Fontentot. It is early, but this group is starting to show identifiable traits akin to The ATL. Yay that!

Mariota may eventually lose his starting job to third-round rookie Desmond Ridder out of Cincinnati, but he is the perfect bridge quarterback for what this team needs. He trusts Smith to put him and his teammates in position to succeed. The best part is Smith is not afraid to go after the softball Atlanta media for asking him dumb questions. He is about that, and so may this team.

Mariota may not do pineapple on pizza, but he has got some dog in him to fight the good fight.

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