Kyron Bacon conquers A4DE and sets sights on Europe

Kyron Bacon Interview

Kyron Bacon came out of the COVID lockdowns with the pace to beat all comers during some stages of the 2022 Australian Off Road Championship then further underlined his potential earlier this month when he won the biggest prize there is in Australian enduro racing, the A4DE.

Kyron Bacon congratulated after winning the 2022 A4DE outright

Trevor Hedge: You hit the ground running in 2022 with victories in the AORC, now you have bested all comers in the A4DE, what’s the secret to you coming out of the blocks so strong this year?

Kyron Bacon: “I dunno really, it’s just a lot of riding time in the last two years, with not much racing going on, so that’s had a big impact with my riding for this year. I’ve also done a heap of riding with Matt over the years, so he’s kind of helped me throughout all this stuff, so it’s definitely been a big help. I’m still learning new things every day, but I’m stoked with how my riding is going at the moment.”

Kyron Bacon - Image Troy Pears
Kyron Bacon – Image Troy Pears

Trev: Of course this brings back memories of when another Tasmanian, much younger than you that burst onto the scene a decade ago, and that was of course Matt Phillips, who then went on to win World Championships before a very early retirement. Do you hope to follow in his footsteps internationally?

Kyron Bacon: “Definitely, Matt is someone I’ve looked up to for a long time, he’s been over to Europe and done all of that kind of thing with the GP and all that, so that’s where I want to end up eventually. All his riding style and everything is awesome to watch and he’s definitely someone I’ve looked up to for a long time.”

Matt Phillips
Matt Phillips

Trev: We don’t see him racing anymore, but I suppose he still goes alright in the bush (laughs)?

Kyron Bacon: “He’s got a good one lap wonder in him, he comes out of nowhere to do one good lap and still loves to have a good ride every now and then.”

Kyron Bacon pictured on his way to A4DE victory
Kyron Bacon pictured on his way to A4DE victory

Trev: Do you think the slippery conditions this week at Erica played into your hands a little with, one would imagine, conditions similar to you find in Tasmania much of the time?

Kyron Bacon: “Yeah a little bit, as most people know I’m from Tassie, so it’s pretty cold and wet down there most of the time, for most of the year, so definitely a bit of a favour. Especially riding the 250 as well, it’s a perfect package to ride in these slippery conditions, it’s not too much power but it’s just got enough to give me plenty of drive.”

2022 A4DE - Image Troy Pears
Kyron Bacon on his way to victory at the 2022 A4DE – Image Troy Pears

Trev: Is this A4DE victory your career highlight thus far?

Kyron Bacon: “Definitely, a few years ago the Tassie Four Day happened and I was a young fella back then and I always looked up to everyone who did all that racing, like Milner, Toby Price, all the guys that did them. So I never thought I’d be the one sitting on a top box with them, that’s for sure.”

Kyron Bacon seen here during an AORC pre-season shoot
Kyron Bacon seen here during an AORC pre-season shoot

Trev: Do you also train on a WR250F, or do you ride a variety of bikes while training?

KB: “Nah just the WR250F, got a bit of everything, plenty of power, handles well, I think it’s the perfect bike for the tight and slippery conditions.”

Kyron Bacon seen here during an AORC pre-season shoot

Trev: Congratulations on a brilliant A4DE victory, I hope your form continues for the rest of the AORC and you get some people ringing you up from Europe for next year perhaps.

KB: “Cheers, that’s the plan.”

Kyron Bacon
Kyron Bacon

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