Klay Thompson on winning his 4th ring after two-years off: “Holi cannoli, this is crazy!”

It was a painful two years for Klay Thompson prior to this season as he went through two season-ending injuries. The 32-year-old shooting guard remained patient and was rewarded with his fourth NBA championship after the Warriors defeated the Celtics 4-2 in this year’s NBA Finals.

After the game he was asked about the time he had to sit out and was even unable to walk. “Well, I had to have my big bro talk me off the ledge a few times, I couldn’t drive I couldn’t do nothing, I was immobilized,” Thompson said.

“And I’m such an athletic person, I love to be mobile and he would just tell me ‘Patience, patience, it’s going to all pay off.’ Shout out to Seth as well, my little bro Trace. There’s some dog days, there’s a lot of tears shed on the bench.

“Steph talking to me, talk me right, even Draymond and just leaning on those guys, Andre. I’m just thankful to be here. Man, this is crazy, Lisa. I can’t even believe it. I knew it was a possibility. To see it in real time holi cannoli, this is crazy!”

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