How Suns squandered a championship-caliber squad through mismanagement and one awful nosebleed

Photo: Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Seven Seconds Or Less Phoneix Suns changed the NBA forever. Behind Head Coach Mike D’antoni’s revolutionary offense that emphasized spacing the floor and running at a breakneck pace, the Suns trampled opponents en route to back-to-back Western Conference Finals appearances.

With a roster led by MVP Steve Nash and young high-flying forward Amar’e Stoudemire, Phoenix was poised to dominate the league for years to come. Except, nothing is ever that simple.

Through mismanagement and the organization compromising the team’s identity, this version of the Suns never won a title, let alone make an NBA Finals appearance. Having an influence on the NBA doesn’t earn you championships and when their time ran out they collapsed:

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