How many blue Octane’s were made?

I’ve seen Octanes in blue, green and orange. They were never officially available in anything but black or gray. Polaris had a few painted, likely for the show circuit.

I saw these colored Octanes at Randy’s Cycles in Marengo, IL. They were and continue to be one of the best Victory dealers, ever. Randy had no idea colored Octanes were available until after Polaris killed off our brand. He simply bought all the Octanes he could. More evidence that killing Victory wasn’t a long planned out process but a quick and rash decision.

Remember, the Octane is a one year bike so they’re quite rare in any color. The Octane was also fully designed before the Scout. Polaris showed the Octane to Victory dealers years before it then came out slightly redesigned as the Indian Scout.

Being a single year Victory model, the Octane has virtually no aftermarket support and factory accessories can be very hard to find.

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