How American are victory motorcycles?

Actual parts content has never been published. It’s required for cars, not for motorcycles. What I can tell you is the motors were made by Polaris in Osceola WI. The steel tube frames were made at the Spirit Lake IA assembly plant. The cast aluminum frames as well as a bunch of other cast aluminum parts like swingarms were made by a supplier in Davenport IA. The Polaris factory in Roseau MN also supplied parts but I’m not sure which ones. And some parts were sourced overseas.

One thing I always come back to is we’re supposed to be capitalists not socialists right? Well in a capitalist system if a company like Victory or Harley can price the product more competitively or make a more reliable unit by outsourcing some parts, that means more American jobs in the long run. Imagine if Victory made every single part in a house: A, they probably wouldn’t be as good as parts made by companies that specialize in those parts. B, the bikes would cost a lot more, therefore sell less, therefore Victory goes bankrupt and then zero jobs.

Victory is a very American bike, anybody that has a problem with it is just jealous.

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