Hit a Bump, Lost the Pump

Insanity or not I printed it, double sided in a 3″ binder. I make notes all over and keep my service/maintenance history in there as well. What size wrench or socket for whatever or highlight torque specs, “see page 4.3”, “WTF”, so on and so forth. Other random notes and plenty of greasy fingerprints that aren’t mucking up my computer keyboard or screen.

The tipover is likely only triggered if the left/right angle exceeds something like 120°. Obviously if you flipped it front to back it would trigger. Popped a fuse or popped a fuel injector maybe. ECU came unplugged. Maybe disconnect the battery overnight? Open the gas cap, can these get vapor locked or whatever the term is when the gas can’t get through the hose (maybe that was a carburetor term)?

Check other things, key switch in “on” position, not “acc”, headlight, taillight, brake and turn signals all work? Does the fuel pump prime for a second or 2 after switch on key and kill switch? If so do you hear the IAC resetting a couple seconds after key off? Pull a plug and smell for fuel/wet plug. I don’t know, just hoping something I say points in the right direction, hoping for that “Aha” moment or the elusive forehead slapper. Battery grounds 40A breaker, something under the bike come unplugged? Could be coincidence, plugged fuel filter (out of fuel?)

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