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After looking at an oem fender on ebay. ($300 no thanks) because of the way its stamped and formed where the tail light mounts. I think to preserve that part and save some work a person could cut a rectangular strip out all the way up to almost the passenger pillion. Cut 2.5″ off the top of the strip, slide the piece up placing the top of the tail light mount 2.5″ higher, then cut the profile of the end of the fender to remove 2.5″ and bring it to where the bottom of the tailight is now.

Weld it all back together, smooth and paint it and it hopefully looks like a shorter oem.

That way the taillight bolts in just like it is supposed to because that part of the oem fender was preserved. There are guys with the welding skills to do this and make the finished bare fender look oem and just need to be repainted.

I am not one of those guys lol but I do know some excellent welders that use this little pencil looking welder for fine small jobs and I have a friend who owns a body shop that has the knowledge on how to cut it properly to be able to do this.

If the fender on ebay was cheaper… not sure its the same even as I have a 2015 and I think the fender is off a 2006. Anyone know which years interchange?

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