Grant Williams believes offense is going to determine the rest of the series for Boston

Photo: Jim Davis/The Boston Globe

After only scoring 97 points and shooting 40% from the field in Game 4, the Boston Celtics certainly need to find a rhythm on offense.

Here’s Celtics forward Grant Williams on the importance of putting up points during these next few games.

(Via ASAP Sports):

“Yeah, offense is going to determine I feel like the rest of the series for us in a sense. If we control and do what we’re supposed to do, we have success. If we don’t, our defense is doing its job, holding a team to 102 points prior to the free throws I would say, you try and win those games. But when you have so many turnovers, when you don’t necessarily execute and get less shots and allow offensive rebounds, extra possessions for them, it’s hard to win games that way. That’s probably the biggest things we’re noticing, and then our physicality as well. We came out with great physicality and intent in Game 3. I feel like in Game 4, we came out lax, so we have to do a better job of that.”

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