Governor of California, Massachusetts engaged on a friendly Twitter betting in the 2022 NBA Finals

As it is, the battle of the NBA Finals can really go over from the four corners of the court.

And as the Celtics and Warriors continue to cross horns for the coveted Larry O’Brien trophy, the governors of Massachusetts and California are meanwhile going to the mix of their own clash.

In his tweet on Wednesday before the Game 3 tip-off, Massachusetts leader Charlie Baker boldly claimed to California Gov. Gavin Newsom that Boston would prevail in this season’s championship round over Golden State.

Baker also had a catch on their friendly fight — by the means of a bet. If the Warriors clinch the title, he will don a Dubs jersey via Newsom’s choosing.

On the other hand, if the Celtics emerged victorious, Newsom will wear a Cs gear of Baker’s player selection.

Shortly after the post, Newsom accepted the challenge of his fellow public servant, choosing a Stephen Curry jersey for Baker should GS win the seven-game series.

Right now, Baker leads a game against Newsom, as the Celtics eventually outlasted the Warriors to take the 2-1 lead inside the TD Garden.

As such, Friday night Game 4 will determine if Baker will hold a much stronger upper hand over Newsom or not.

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