Global Pro Field at CLASH Miami USA

Taking place on Friday March 11, 2022, a global field of more than 75 professional athletes will transcend upon the Homestead-Miami Speedway to take on the CLASH Endurance Miami Event. Consisting of a 1.7K swim, 60.3K bike and 16.9K run, pros will test their limits on a unique course all within the speedway venue. Many of triathlon’s biggest names are gearing up for one of this year’s early-season events, all aiming for their stake at the $50,000 prize purse.

The field includes Olympians, world-record holders as well as short and long-course champions. On the women’s side, Emma Pallant-Browne, known for her running prowess and strong performance at 70.3 Worlds in 2021 will battle against two-time Australian Olympian, Ashleigh Gentle and Sara Perez-Sala, an Olympic swimmer and podium finisher at CLASH Endurance Daytona . The men’s field includes too many notable stats to list but leaders may include Sam Long who was the runner up at the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship, in addition to Ben Kanute who placed 6th at CLASH Endurance Daytona in December and took the win at IRONMAN 70.3 California . Jackson Laundry, who recently suffered a bike accident will be there to finish strong, with a 5th place finish last year at the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship.

1 Emma Ballant-Browne GBR
3 Pamella Oliveira BRA
4 Lisa Becharas USA
5 Sophie Watts USA
6 Chelsea Sodaro USA
8 Sonja Catano USA
9 Maja Stage Nielsen DEN
10 Dede Griesbauer USA
11 Lenny Ramsey USA
12 Brittany Higgins USA
13 Danielle Treise USA
14 Summer Deal USA
15 Lara Gruden USA
17 Ashleigh Gentle AUS
18 Minori Minagawa USA
19 Rebecca Marrou USA
20 Sif Madsen DEN
21 Laura Matthews USA
22 Samantha Kingsford NZL

41 Sam Long USA
42 Ben Kanute USA
43 Jackson Laundry CAN
45 Magnus Ditlev DEN
46 Andreas Drietz GER
47 Chris Leiferman USA
48 Andrew Starykowicz USA
49 Jason West USA
50 Justin Metzler USA
52 Reinaldo Colucci BRA
53 Tyler Butterfield BER
54 Brent McMahon CAN
55 Andre Lopes BRA
56 Nicholas Chase USA
57 Emmanuel Lejeune BEL
58 Robbie Deckard USA
59 Taylor Reid CAN
60 Matt McWilliams USA
61 Patrick Brady USA
63 Benjamin Deal USA
64 Elliot Bach USA
65 Dylan Gillespie USA
66 Ted Treise USA
68 Ernest Mantell USA
69 Aaron Royle AUS
70 Youri Keulen NED
71 Balazs Csoke HUN
73 Jack Shayler GBR
74 Quentin De Vos BEL
75 Jens Roth GER
76 Scott Haeberle USA
77 Pablo Gomez COL
78 Brandon Krout USA
79 Carlos Javier Quinchara Forero COL
80 Daniel Reyes VEN
81 Gergely Nagy HUN
82 Ian Dempsey GBR
83 Jonas Schomburg GER
84 Keeghan Hurley USA
85 Loren Nelson CAN
86 Matthew Sharpe CAN
87 Nick Cosman CAN
88 Siebe Meeus BEL
89 Yorlliry Moreno VEN
90 Simon Shi USA
91 Armando Abaunza PAN
92 Aaron Gregory Kolk USA
93 Unior Rosete Torres USA
94 Mario De Elias ARG
95 Sam Osborne NZL


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