Fizik Terra Argo X1 gravel saddle review

Since the late nineties, Italian brand Fizik has specialised in perfecting the contact points for riders, from bar tape and footwear to a wide choice of saddle offerings. The Argo gravel saddle joins the mountain bike Aidon and Alpaca models, all sporting the Terra name. Fizik launched this Argo range of saddles a couple of years ago now, and the Argo was born from an evolution of the brand’s road racing Vento Argo saddle but with a mixed surface twist, aimed at sit squarely alongside the best gravel bike saddles on the market .

Originally Fizik offered two metal rail options to complement its established gravel-specific Argo series. The entry spec Argo X5 saddle with its alloy rails, the middle option is the X3 with the Fizik proprietary Kium hollow alloy rail technology to shave some grams, and now there is this carbon rail option – the Terra Argo X1 – to perch at the top end of the line-up, offering a further reduction in weight over its siblings. All three models share the same carbon-reinforced nylon shell and shape that boasts flexible wings for all-road comfort.

Design and aesthetics

The flagship Fizik Terra Argo X1 model features a short nose to offer riders a planted position and an improved rider weight distribution. The shorter nose of the Argo allows riders to sit further forward in the seat without causing unwanted and potentially painful pressure on your nether regions compared to a traditional design. To accommodate this, Fizik allows a substantial length of rail to adjust fore and aft, enabling you to perfect your position on the seatpost. A study from the side profile will show a slight rise in the rear of the section of the saddle, providing a base to push into during climbing efforts.

Fizik Terra Argo X1

The Terra Argo X1 saddle is designed specifically for gravel (Image credit: Dean Hersey)

Fizik also claims to gather data and advice from medical experts and detailed analysis of the pressure points of riders whilst seated. All this research and development led to the ergonomic cut-out. The cut-out is plugged with a guard to prevent unwanted discomfort from debris being flicked up and it has a slot cut across it to prevent any water pooling. The Terra Argo comes in 150mm width (tested here) which is already pretty wide and it is also offered in an even wider 160mm to ensure you find the right fit for your shape and sit bone width.

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