Finally cleaning LLoyds filter…quick question.

Hey guys,
I know its recomended to clean after 30k, but Im at 26ish and since I pulled the tank, I might as well clean it. It is very, very dirty by the way.
Anyways, there is a bunch of crap (bugs, etc.) down in the area beyond the filter towards the front of the bike. Not sure what that area would be called, the headtube? I cant quite reach down there and clean it all out.
Im probly overthinking it, but should I be all that concerned with any gunk down in that dead end tube? Would that gunk just blow right back up into my newly cleaned filter? If I need to clean it, I could use some advice. My paws cant get down there.

Also, Ive heard just need soap and water to clean the Lloyds filter, but Im thinking using my KN cleaner and oil. Ive heard different opinions on this, but that was like 5 years ago. Any consensus on that?

Thanks for the help. Greatly appreciated!!

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