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Hello all,

I need some help. This is the third time now over the last month or two, but my engine has cutout while riding. Its happened in when I go to change gears, whether I am attempting to accelerate or decelerate/engine brake. The electrical system is fine and stays on. The battery is new and was replaced after the first instance because I had a weak battery already, but I didn’t relate the two issues together. The clutch works just fine too. No slippage or any other indications its bad.
Basically, Ill get no throttle response, engine is off/silent and I am coasting with the clutch in or out. I say “out” with hesitation because about as soon as I feel no power, I pull the clutch in and start shifting to neutral. So no real true time lapse to see if the bike reacts any differently with it in gear. The engine doesn’t bog down until it shuts off… it just straight up goes out.

I replaced the handlebars in March and when I took it for a test drive, thats when it happened the first time. I dont think I was even a half mile from my house. I was able to shift down to neutral and start it right back up. Went on another month before it did it again, then recently yesterday (02 May) it happened again. It seems like its happened all 3 times within a mile or so after startup. After each time I restart, the bike acts normal and Im able to continue on.

I have been busy so I haven’t really been able to inspect the issue but I will be looking into it this weekend. I wanted to see if anyone else had an issue similar to this or if the experts on here could give me some help/point me to specific areas to look at. Obviously I will start at the handlebars and see if I pinched any of the controls or damaged the kill switch. I have adjusted all cables to be within spec. Hoping to get this resolved while its at random and not turn it into a continual problem.

Any help would be appreciated.

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