Enes Kanter Freedom on NBA hypocrites: “I wanted to expose them”

Photo: usatoday.com

Prominent China’s slave labor criticizing Enes Kanter Freedom opened up to OutKick about various topics, including challenging social justice hypocrisy.

Bobby Burack: Why are people in sports afraid to speak out against human rights violations in regards to countries other than the US? Why are you the only NBA player?

Enes Kanter Freedom: Most people only do social justice work and all the civil rights work for their own PR because it looks good on their resume. They are not genuine. And speaking out is only good for your resume in certain cases.

For me, I was seeing the pockets firsthand in the NBA the last 11 years. I was in many locker rooms, I spoke with many basketball players and many coaches – and what they care about is their own PR.

So I wanted to expose them. You should not call yourself a civil rights activist or social justice warrior when you pick and choose when to care about human rights. They are lining their pockets by pretending to be human rights named. They are not.

Enes Kanter Freedom – an outspoken human rights activist – was traded by the Boston Celtics to Houston Rockets at the trading deadline. The Rockets wished him on Feb. 14.

The free-agent NBA big man has played 11 seasons for 5 teams, including the Boston Celtics and Utah Jazz. He has averaged 11.2 points and 7.8 rebounds in 748 regular-season games.

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