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Well ****. Looks like I missed some drama since the last time I was on. Damn near went into a panic when I saw that Cop Corner was locked. It’s how i pass the time on MIDS while working the desk!

Glad to see Cop Corner 2.0 is up and running.

Regarding this:

Happened in my Sector two stations over from mine. The Pascua Yaqui Officers and Tohono O’odham Police Officers pass through one of my checkpoints all the time on their way home (most of them live in Tucson). I remember seeing this officer and occasionally talking to him over the years, he seemed like a really nice guy. Its a relatively small department and those guys deal with some crazy **** all the time (drugs, alcohol and DV calls fueled by drugs and alcohol mostly even though its a “dry” reservation). I know this is going to hit them hard.

From what I heard, the Officers and BP guys who were there all showed extremely remarkable restraint when apprehending this asshole, despite what our reputations say about us. I can tell you the “assault on federal agent” charges are window dressing at this point. We’ll wait to see if he goes down for murder. If he does, the federal assault charges will probably be dropped. If he pleads to some lesser charge, for whatever reason, then we’ll hit him with the federal assault charges, just so he gets more time. I for one hope this jack off gets the chair and doesn’t get to plead out. *Disclaimer* I am in no way affiliated with this case in any way. What I have said is seen based on what I’ve happened in similar incidents in my career and my opinion and no one elses.

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