3 solutions to Seattle’s quarterback problem

Geno Smith, Seattle Seahawks. (Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images)

Presenting solutions to the problems plaguing the Seattle Seahawks’ lousy quarterback room.

The 2022 Seattle Seahawks may be a horrendous football team, but there are solutions to be had for their unsolved quarterbacking woes.

Pretty much every other NFL team with instability at the quarterback position either drafted a guy last spring or signed/traded for somebody this offseason. Pete Carroll is going to do whatever he wants with Jody Allen sitting in the big chair. However, the Seahawks will win maybe six games with the unholy triumvirate of Drew Lock, Geno Smith and Jacob Eason under center. It is not good.

If Seattle wants to shake things up in the quarterback room within a year or so, they have options.

Seattle Seahawks: 3 solutions to their 2022 quarterbacking problem

3. Sign a veteran off the scrap heap, possibly after training camp cuts happen

Without debate, this is the worst option of the three. They are, quite frankly, better served rolling with the dudes they have already got than going in this direction, but you know what? Let’s at least explore it. There are plenty of other dumb teams out there in the NFL and Seattle could take advantage of them. At least one savvy veteran will get cut after training camp, so make the move!

While it is too early to say who the poor soul will be receiving a shocking pink slip in late August, it will happen. There will be a younger and cheaper option who will have a better camp than him. If this unexpected free agent quarterback is better than the best option currently in the Seahawks’ building, look for John Schneider to at least kick the tires on him. He has a job he will want to keep.

As far as who is still out there in the wonderful world of free agency, it is a shame Ryan Fitzpatrick retired because he is better than all three quarterbacks currently on the Seahawks’ roster. Plus, he would have been able to add another jersey to his impressive collection. Again, this is the worst option for the Seahawks, but it is one Schneider could explore if Seattle training camp goes poorly.

It goes without saying this is only a temporary solution to an ongoing problem for the franchise.

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