2006 KP Flasher Module; LED swap (and Bubba’d something)

I swapped out the lights on my 06 KP (used LED OEM from cross bike in the rear, and some aftermarket LED up front). Like a potato, I decided to test them before I had the wiring completely finished and Murphy’s Law struck – FR light came loose when I moved the handlebars every so slightly, quick spark and appears to have shorted. Now, on JUST THAT SIDE, activating the lights causes a very brief single flash front and rear and then nothing; left side works fine. Hazards does the same thing, left side flashes like it should while the right side gives a single very short flash and then dies. Indicator light in the cluster works as it should all around. I managed to find spare 15A relays, but this did not provide any benefit. I think I have damaged the flasher module.

My understanding is this is a 16-pin module located under the seat (I’ve seen it stated in several places this should be in the headlight bucket, but I think that is for prior years)? I ready somewhere a reference that the cross bike’s LED flasher module would work for this purpose – but, that is a twelve (12) pin part. Am I missing something?

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