17th edition IRONMAN Africa Championship looks to be Epic

The city of Port Elizabeth is South Africa’s second oldest city, and is situated on Nelson Mandela Bay—named after the freedom fighter and world icon of peace. Athletes and spectators who travel here get the unique opportunity to race in one of the most wildly beautiful and historically significant areas of the world. The Standard Bank IRONMAN African Championship has been a favorite on the IRONMAN race circuit for almost two decades as 2022 brings about the 17th edition of the IRONMAN African Championship

1 Kyle Buckingham ZAF
2 Nils Frommhold GER
3 Joe Skipper GBR
4 Bradley Weiss ZAF
5 Antony Costes FRA
6 Matt Trautman ZAF
7 Colin Chartier USA
8 Jesper Svensson SWE
9 Andi Boecherer GER
10 Franz Loeschke GER
11 Dylan Magnien FRA
12 Samuel Huerzeler CHE
13 Evert Scheltinga NED
14 Michael Raelert GER
15 Fraser Walsh AUS
16 Kevin Rundstadler FRA
17 Stenn Goetstouwers BEL
18 Paul Ruttman AUT
19 Tobias Dahl Thomsen DEN
20 Per Van Vlerken GER
21 Scott Bayvel ZAF
22 Tom Oosterdijk NED
23 Silas Kohn GER
24 Kevin Maurel FRA
25 Gerhard de Bruin ZAF
26 Eneko Elosegui ESP
27 Niclas Bock GER
28 Matthew De Vroet NED
29 Marcus Hultgren SWE
30 Sven Wies GER

32 Jade Roberts ZAF
33 Susie Cheetham GBR
34 Sarissa De Vries NED
35 Emma Bilham CHE
36 Kylie Simpson AUS
37 Katharina Grohmann GER
38 Kristin Liepold GER
39 Alexandra Tondeur BEL
40 Natia Van Heerden ZAF
41 Elena Illeditsch GER
42 Mariella Sawyer ZAF
43 Gabriele Obmann AUS
44 Fiona Moriarty IRL
45 Magda Nieuwoudt ZAF
46 Vanessa Pereira POR
47 Lisa-maria Dornauer AUT
48 Margrit Elfers GER
49 Federica De Nicola ITA
50 Daniela Bleymehl GER


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