106 Clutch Wear, Slippage and Replacement

I sure do miss KevinX around this forum.

I did loosen the clutch adjuster (on the bikes right side) a bit the other night. I think it was at the tight end of the spec instead of the loose end. Like the drive belt, I’ve always found being on the loose end of the spec is where it should be. I hope to be able to get back to my friends closed course tomorrow to test it out.

I have also started to accumulate some of the parts I’ll need if/when I need to replace the clutch. The bigger question for me is what else may I need once I pull the primary cover off. Forum members with a LOT more experience than me say to buy ‘This’, others say to but ‘This & That’, yet others say to buy ‘This, That and the Other’.

So far I bought;

From WHatchdoctors:
Two sets of there cam/primary gasket holding studs. Yes, I know I can just cut the heads off of bolts I already have but the sets are inexpensive and I’m thankful they put this nice little item together.

Two shifter shaft and clutch rod seals and bearings plus the special WHitchdoctors insertion/extraction tool. This is a very nice piece that’s custom made for the bearings and the seals. My shifter shaft has dripped a bit in the past and I have aluminum crush washers between the primary case and the shifter assembly to keep the seal in place. IMHO, these two items are a no brainer to replace once you have the primary cover off. There simply isn’t a better time to replace these pieces.

From www.victorypartspro.com:
1322881, Assembly, Clutch Lifter $111.49
5412230, O-Ring $4.86
5814359, Kit, Gasket, Beaded Paper $34.50
7547477, Nut $16.55
7556518, Washer, Flat $6.90
7556519, Disc. Spring $13.80

I’ll order the Assembly, Clutch, 1332834, $860.94 or an equivalent aftermarket clutch pack at a later date. I don’t want to replace the heavy duty metal parts if all I need are clutch plates and pressure plates. Similarly, why replace the wheel when all you need is a tire?

But, by the time I have the primary cover off and I need to replace these items, I hope to have 90K miles or even 100K miles on the bike. With that mileage, what else should I also have on hand to replace if needed? Perhaps the:
4060156, Clutch, Starter Drive Bearing $399.99
1333630, Assembly, Shifter Ratchet $65.88
1341402, Assembly, Roller Follower $11.73 (the torsion spring for this item is NLA)
5137638, Star, Shifter $49.32
7041583, Spring, Shifter $10.35
7517384, Screw $6.36
7518937, Screw $6.36
7710534,Ring, Retaining $15.51

So, yes, this could add up quickly. Some same just replace the clutch discs etc with Barnett and you’ll be done for under $500. Really, with a CCT pushing 100K miles?

I have watched a few YouTube videos that explain how to stack the clutch plates and discs which have been great. The actual work doesn’t scare me. I’ve had many of my motorcycles torn down all the way and put them back together again without issue. They all ended up looking great and running fantastic. Those were all single or double disc dry clutches though on a few different Moto Guzzi bikes.

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